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Southeast Academy High School

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Our Motto: "Excellence Is Our Standard" Southeast Academy High School could be the key to your future. To schedule your Interview for our 2020/2021 school year email  Students are welcome to apply from any surrounding school districts. Our staff will assist you with your permit.  We are a public school of choice no fees. If you are ready to be challenged in the classroom, and want to improve on your leadership skills we are the school for you. "Failure Is Not An Option" 100% Graduation Rate Be Ready!
Staff email: Office 365

Cerritos Complete Program

Cerritos Complete 5 Eligibility Steps:

1.         FAFSA/DREAM - We do not get a list for students who completed the FAFSA or DREAM act application until April/May so that Step is not reflected on this student list.

a.       Deadline 3/2

2.         Cerritos College Application - For students who are listed as “Not Completed” under Application – this means they do not have a SUMMER 2020 application to the college. They may have a Spring 2020 one, but we need them to re-apply as a college student for Summer 2020.

a.       Link to Apply to Cerritos College:

b.       Deadline 2/27

3.         Cerritos Complete Intent Form - For students who are listed as “Not Completed” under Intent Form – they need to submit the google form

a.       Link to Google Intent Form:

b.       Deadline 3/2

4.         Placement Forms – Students must submit BOTH forms.

a.       English/ESL Placement:

b.       Math Placement:

c.       If a student said they completed this, but they do not have results -> it is because they input the wrong Cerritos College student ID # when they filled out the forms.

d.       Tentative deadline 5/1

5.         Falcon Edge Orientation Workshop – Once Step 5 is available for students to sign-up, we will start providing this on the list