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Our Motto: "Excellence Is Our Standard" Southeast Academy High School could be the key to your future. To schedule your Interview for our 2020/2021 school year email  Students are welcome to apply from any surrounding school districts. Our staff will assist you with your permit.  We are a public school of choice no fees. If you are ready to be challenged in the classroom, and want to improve on your leadership skills we are the school for you. "Failure Is Not An Option" 100% Graduation Rate Be Ready!
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Counseling » 9th Grade

9th Grade



It's important to create a plan for your student that relates to his or her goals.

  • Meet with your school counselor to make sure that your student is taking the classes that support his or her academic goals.  Also, it's important to begin taking the right courses to be "college ready."  We describe these courses as "A-G"; as a counseling team, we can help your student create an academic plan that will ensure that he or she will be enrolled in those classes that meet college entrance requirements.  Your student's performance in those classes will determine his or her post-high-school options.
  • In your student's academic plan, map out WHEN these "college ready" courses should be taken.

It may seem early to start getting ready for college, but it really isn't.  There's much to do to help prepare for post-high-school opportunities, so it's important that you and your student begin planning now!




Encourage your student to to develop a tentative career goal.  It will probably change, but at least he or she has something to work toward.  Setting goals is a critical part of your student's success.

  • Help your student to identify interests by encouraging him or her to talk with family members and other adults about their careers to get ideas about fields your student may want to pursue.
  • At SEA, your student will be taking a personality assessment on to help identify interests.
  • Consider summer internships or enrichment programs as another means to identify interests, likes and dislikes.  Experiences in the workplace can help your student assess strengths and weaknesses and even his or her learning style.  


Students are encouraged to actively take part in a school club, color guard, armed and unarmed drill teams and community volunteer activities.






If you haven't already, it's not too late to start a college savings plan.  Every little bit will help!  Talk to your financial advisor about a 529 Plan.



Academic Preparation

  • Take A-G college preparatory classes and elective courses that meet the CSU's admission standards.
  • Develop good study habits and earn "A"s and "B"s in all of your classes.
  • Start using the UOSR High School Planning chart.
  • Take advantage of after-school tutoring for academic assistance.
  • Inquire about scholarships at your career center and apply for them.
  • Invite your parents to college fairs.
  • Discuss your college plans with your parents and begin saving money for the application and test fees.
  • Review your educational plan with your counselor and make sure it includes a challenging sophomore year.
  •  Focus on English and mathematics preparation to ensure college readiness.

College Exploration

  • Conduct internet searches to narrow college choices.
  • Visit the ACT website to find out basic information about standardized testing.
  • Visit various college campuses during the summer.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Sign up for clubs, organizations and/or sports.
  • Consider volunteering.