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Cadets are evaluated on the following categories: Academic achievement, Attendance, Physical training, Daily and graded inspections, Leadership abilities, Community service and Recommendations from their chain of command and teaching staff.  Cadets can earn extra points if they earn any ribbons during the reporting period.  We call this point system the “Cadet Cutting Score.”

How many promotions are there each year?

The Academy has four promotions each year, one every quarter. However a Cadet can be promoted anytime meritoriously.

Who pins on the Cadets Rank?

The Director pins the right side of the cadets uniform collar, and the cadet can appoint anyone to pin the left side.

When do the Cadets find out if they will receive a promotion?

A letter is given to the Cadets the take home 24-48 hours prior to the promotion date.

How can a Cadet find out why they did not get promoted?

Cadets are given the opportunity to ask about their cutting score and ask their chain of command why they did not get promoted.

Who determines how many promotions are allowed per-rank?

The Director, based on the needs of the Academy.

Who makes the final decision on who gets promoted?

The Director.