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Southeast Academy High School

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If you are interested in becoming a cadet at Southeast Academy please call us at (562) 210-4700  
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Cadet Oath



The Cadet Oath at Southeast Academy High School was established and created by cadets. Cadets are responsible for maintaining and holding each other accountable to the commitment they agree to. The Southeast Academy Oath is based on Honesty, and Respect.
You are not a Cadet at Southeast Academy unless you take the Cadet Oath.    (this will be done during your orientation)

I, __________________________ voluntarily declare to be a Cadet at Southeast Academy High School, I Promise to uphold the standards, policies and traditions set forth by the Cadets who have graduated before me. As a Cadet I declare the following:


I promise to constantly work hard to improve my education, failure is not an option.

I promise to conduct myself appropriately on and off campus.

I promise to honor and respect my family, school and community.

I will faithfully obey appropriate orders and directions given by my leaders.

I will have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.

If I am a leader of Cadets, I promise to lead with firmness, fairness and dignity.

I take this oath freely without any reservations.


                                                                                             CREATED BY THE CLASS OF 2011