Southeast Academy High School

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Southeast Academy High School is Currently Full. If you are interested and want to attend Second Semester the applications process will start November 1st 2016, please know space is limited. To make an appointment call us at (562) 809-6237  Thank You!
Staff email: Office 365
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If you want to talk to your counselor please come into the office and schedule an appointment.

The guidance staff of Southeast Academy consists of Mrs. Cervantes. Her responsibility is the counseling and guidance of all cadets.

How the Counselor Serves You

  1. Programming students into appropriate classes
  2. Meeting college preparatory and graduation requirements
  3. Meeting proficiency requirements
  4. Orientation to school setting
  5. Parent workshops
  6. Career Awareness and setting goals
  7. Concentrating on a total child approach-discipline, guidance, attendance
  8. Setting up parent/teacher conferences
  9. Social adjustment
  10. Personal counseling-coordinating with outside agencies.
  11. Work permits
  12. Veysey Forms to attend community colleges
  13. Testing (SAT)
  14. Scholarships