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Southeast Academy High School is Currently Full. If you are interested and want to attend Second Semester the applications process will start November 1st 2016, please know space is limited. To make an appointment call us at (562) 809-6237  Thank You!
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Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Steps

Just a reminder Southeast Academy High School is not a scared straight program or a boot camp. Cadets who attend Southeast Academy High School must go through an interview process.

All students are eligible to apply to attend SEA, including students not from NLMUSD.

Eligibility for SEA does not mean the student is accepted; admission to SEA is a process into a specialized career and college ready high school, in which all students must agree to attend. Admission into SEA is based on an interview with the candidate and Parent/Guardian. During the interview with the Director the candidate must show a willingness to attend SEA. The Director will view their academics, discipline, and attendance reports.

How do I start the enrollment process at Southeast Academy High School?

  1. Read the Enrollment Guidelines
  2. If you are interested please call our office at (562) 809-6237 and schedule an appointment for you and your student to come in for an interview.
    1. If your student is enrolling for the beginning of the school year (August) call the office in April to schedule your appointment.
    2. If your student is enrolling for 2nd Semester, you will need to call in November and schedule your appointment.
  3. You will need to bring the following items with you to your appointment:
    1. Transcript if you have been in 9th grade or higher.
    2. Last report card if you are starting the 9th grade.
    3. Copy of your attendance report
    4. Copy of your discipline file

Enrollment Guidelines

  1. Eligibility for admission is based on a review of the following:
    • Oral interview
    • Academic Credit Report
    • Current Individualized Education Program (IEP and 504 plan) if needed
    • Discipline Report
    • Attendance Report

Completion of guidelines does not guarantee acceptance to SEA. Final determination of enrollment into SEA will be made from the pool of eligible candidates after a review of the above criteria. Each component must be verified with a current official record from the student’s home school/district. Because it is difficult to retrieve all requested documentation for admission before the first day of school. Student’s admission can be revoked if requested documentation does not meet admission standards.

All students should be on track for graduation or able to attend make-up classes. All students must possess a willingness to attend the academy for one year, and agree to follow the guidelines of the NLMUSD, Southeast Academy High School Student/Parent handbook and the inter/intra-district permit.

  1. No student is eligible for admission into SEA who has engaged in any acts listed under EC 48915, (Expelled pupil).
  2. No student is eligible for admission into SEA who has been defined as a habitual truant under EC 48262, (Truancy).
  3. Applicants in special programs/classes in their home school/district may be considered for admission to the SEA subject to the following:
    1. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP) must have a current IEP that stipulates the following:
      1. Student is able to make academic progress in unmodified core academic class setting.
      2. Student has the required skills/behaviors for SEA
      3.  Special education services are available through consultation and/or outside of the school day from the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District.
      4. Student must provide an updated/current copy of the IEP that includes the above (a, b and c).
      5. All IEP services will only be provided by the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District.

NOTE: Parents/Students must bring current IEP information to the Norwalk-La Mirada Special Education, Welfare Health and Attendance offices before being granted an interview from SEA. The Special Ed department/representative must grant approval before an interview is scheduled. Completion of the above does not guarantee acceptance to the academy.

  1. All students must apply through the district’s inter/intra-district permit process.
  2. Revoking of Permits: Intra/Inter-District permits may be revoked at any time a student does not maintain acceptable standards stated on the permit.  For example; attendance, acceptable levels of academic achievement, and or unacceptable behavior as defined by the Southeast Academy Student/Parent Handbook and NLMUSD, including unacceptable behavior on and off campus. This also pertains to new information from students file (CUM) that was not available during the initial interview and enrollment process.
  3. Students are not accepted/enrolled into SEA until:
    1. All registration forms are completed.
    2. The inter/intra district process is completed before the first day of school.
    3. Final notification of acceptance from the eligibility pool of candidates is determined.

Falsification of information in this process is grounds for non-acceptance or dismissal from SEA.

  1. The staff at SEA and the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District makes final determination of acceptance into SEA. Parents/Students will be notified either by mail, in person or a phone call from SEA when accepted or not accepted to attend SEA.

We look forward to hearing form you!